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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yorkie Puppies are growing fast...slow down Carly.

Oh...I feel so many puppies are in there? And I have how many more weeks...there goes my bikini for summer...oh will be worth it. My lost is the worlds gain, I do breed beautiful baby yorkies. Look at Tinkerbell, they had to keep her when I had puppies two years ago..she's little and precious.
But my belly is getting so big...I am starting to look like I ate a bag of marshmellows...a large bag. And now I am experiencing morning sickness, I feel sluggish, and my daughter wants to play tug-a-war all the time...I do love that game. But Pawpaw watches over me so close, he won't let the other yorkies shake me, or sit on me, or even play too hard...he does love me I feel. He'll be my birthing coach when I go into labor. But he did a great job with Nana, the last time, so I am not worried. So I am just laying and waiting, for time to moves so slow. We do go outside to play in the beautiful sunshine..I do love that. My mom is always close by me now...I think she is eager for the puppies too..she was a good granddog the last time. And of course Uncle Shiloh is the "Alpha Male" of the herd..he always on guard, protecting us. Even before I was pregnant, he would keep watch on us girls. He thinks he is big...but he is only 4 and a half pounds of lapdog..but don't tell him I said so, he's a Rottweiler in his eyes.

So now I human mommy feeds me special food just for me and my babies...I do like that it really isn't that bad. I do like to be spoiled...alot. And I know that my owners will find great homes for my puppies...that's a relief off my mind. I believe they have a waiting list already...I do breed beautiful yorkies...and with our bloodlines...Waterside Yorkies Rule.
Well, I'll go now and rest a little more..naps are important..maybe I'll try and find me a nice spot by the patio doors...the sunshine on my belly makes me happy...wasn't that a John Denver wait...that was sunshine on my shoulder..never mind...oh well, nap time is calling...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pregnant Yorkie...The Story Continues

Oh Yorkie Angels watch over little Carly over the next 4 weeks..she's pregnant and slowly losing her mind. The hardest part of breeding dogs is waiting. I believe Tinkerbell, below, has the right idea. Just get a little sun in the morning and take over her shift of watching her mom later. I think Tinkerbell will really enjoy her new half brothers and sisters.
Waiting is a labor intensive undertaking, and even Shiloh, Carly's uncle, rests atop the couch, his favorite spot. The 63 days of waiting wears out little Yorkies, but he has the evening shift tonight. So a nice nap will take the edge off.

And where is Carly? She's in the pen we keep set up in the kitchen with her mommy, Patty. Grandmom Patty is eagerly waiting for her next granddogs. She helped the last time we bred Carly. When the pups would yelp Patty would come a running.

With a litter of 1-5, normally only 3-4, who knows what we have ahead of us. But this is part of the fun part. Getting ready for the big day. Carly's belly is getting firm, she's starting to nest, and Elsie is feeding her extra calories and nutrients.

When those little sacks of puppies starts coming we will be prepared. And if we have a problem, our vet is only 3 minutes away. All bases are we wait.

A funny thing just happened, I was watching some Yorkie's that were pregnant and had some pups on YouTube when the yelping puppies got everyone going. I was covered up with Yorkies in seconds. Now I know how to call the dogs all that video again....funny!

Four weeks, time will pass quickly...and I know we are ready..but I am eager to see those little puppies..and watch Carly be the great mom she was with her first litter. And if the puppies turn out like Tinkerbell, we will be really happy. Her daddy moved away so we had to find a new stud. The sire we found was a beautiful Yorkie that we went and met. Carly was in heat so she really wasn't as picky as we were. When you breed dogs you have to be responsible not only to your dog, but to the breed and to the puppies. It shouldn't be taken lightly and it isn't a easy task.

You have to compare the traits of both dogs, which are policed by standards of the AKC. Yorkies can pass on good and bad just can't go find a mate and have at it. You have to carefully choose who to breed to and where the puppies will go. We won't sell a puppy until you go through a couple of meetings with us. The new owners will be adopting one of "our" puppies too. We won't sell you a puppy if you don't pass our tests. Our bloodlines are full of champions, so it won't be hard to find homes...we already have 2, maybe 3, sold already...we will have more people contacting us as time goes on and word of mouth goes out.

So we wait...maybe I'll go check on Carly...never mind...Patty's still on duty...the four dogs have bonded together and have prepared themselves for the puppies...and look out when they hear a noise...4 yappers...keeping their house safe...and us too.

I'll keep you all informed on Carly and the pups...please pray for her and them, and for us.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yorkie Mom-to-be...Carly's Story.

They say sping is a time for new's a time to start Carly's nesting mode. She has begun to act crazier then she normally is..well, not nutty crazy...just nuttier. She is really a sweet dog, who was a excellent mother to her first litter...just ask Tinkerbell.
Carly's just restless...can't seem to find that perfect spot to rest. And she has begun her lovey, dovey stage..where she needs alot of hugs, kisses and attention.
Back and forth she goes...searching for a place to call her own. Soon she will be in nesting mode...small steps in a large process of having puppies. Carly is always taking time to rest, where is the question. She might be in a bedroom, in the kitchen, or up on a chair..just waiting for time to tick by.

But, if you want to snap a quick picture, you'll have to be fast. She doesn't seem to want her photo taken at this time in her she starting to feel "fat and ugly"...couldn't be, she's cute no matter how big she gets. The puppies need for a area to develope on a small dog can only be so much. So we keep a close eye out for her. Making sure she isn't bothered by other dogs, eating right, sleeping calmly and overall, just being a pregnant dog. She is due in late May, so we have awhile for more days of restlessness, morning sickness, nesting...etc. We will keep you all up to date on Carly's Story. It's time for a hug, now where could she be???

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yorkies at 3rd Annual Bark at the Beach

Holden Beach held it's 3rd annual "Bark At The Beach" dog walk and show to raise money for Easter Seals on Saturday, April 11th. They raise over $5,000 and had around 60 dogs show up.
First event was the 1-mile dog walk, that had dogs of all sizes and breeds entered. Pictured below are some of the Yorks that walked.

Along the way, they had waterholes set up to keep the dogs hydrated, and the people rested. It also served as a social area for dogs to meet and sniff...I mean greet.

Santa flew in to help judge the contests, and to make sure all the dogs were being nice. I hear that Santa rents a cottage at Holden Beach during the summer...seems Mrs. Claus loves to shop at the Beach Mart, and go fishing with Santa off the pier.

After the walk there was a great K-9 demo from the sheriff's department. The deputy was very informative and the dog was well behaved in a small, crowded area. It was a great idea, and everyone really enjoyed it.

There was a large Yorkie turnout, and we met some great owners. Oh yeah, there were other dogs there too. Labs, pugs, poodles, you name it, and I think it was there..even a bloodhound.

Even a celebrity was spotted at the show...didn't they write a book about never know who'll show up.

Shiloh makes a break for it, as he walks across the stage...might be why he didn't win. But he did well. considering it was his first time out at any type of show or event. He doesn't travel well in the car, so that limits his availability.

Elsie awaits the judges decision as they watch some of the other dogs. Tinkerbell was very well behaved as she walked across the stage, unlike her Uncle Shiloh (above).

So Tinkerbell Cupcake of Waterside wins "Smallest Dog" certificate and a free nail clipping..just what she loves most...someone messing with her paws. But, seriously, it was a nice prize and we have 4 Yorkies that wrestle like bears, when you try and clip their paws.
It was a great day, a little breezy at times, and we enjoyed meeting all our new friends, seeing all the beautiful dogs, and help raise some money for a great cause.
Maybe next year we'll bring the other dogs and make it a Yorkie family thing..maybe Carly can show how she loves to give hugs...or Patty can snarl for the judges...she is such a crazy dog. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my "tail" of our fun time at "Bark At The Beach". And we'll see everyone next year.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 2..No Bloggers Yet, But 2 Visitors.

Well it's day 2 of blog and no readers yet...hopefully, as time goes on we will see some visitors. The two dogs above are Carly on left and her daughter, Tinkerbell, on the right. Tinker won top honers this past weekend in Holden Beach, NC. She was judged as smallest dog, weighing in at at 2-1/2 to 3 pounds. Her award is below.
We help raise over $5000 for Easter Seals, and got to see some beautiful dogs. I believe over 60 dogs were present. Shiloh, Tinker's uncle, also entered but he didn't win a award. But he's still a winner in my eyes.

Here's Carly giving our son-in-law a hug. She will hug you until you thank her for the hug. A very loveable dog indeed.
They do share toys well, and are often playing tug-a-war with each other. We rotate their toys every so often so they think they are getting new ones. My wife has a system that works well and has good results. She really loves our dogs, and takes great care of them, and their fur. She is the groomer of our herd, and weekly grooms our dogs.
Someone sent this to us, so I am passing it on. Now that's a true teacup Yorkie, or is it a coffeecup Yorkie. I once heard a celebrity says she owned a "King Kong" Yorkie, in reference to the large size of dog she had gotten...small or large Yorkies are true lap dogs, and give as much love as they get..maybe more. I can't even think of a day they haven't given us a laugh or in Carly's case, a hug. Enjoy your Yorkie, and let us know about them if you would. Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yorkshire Terriers blog for knowledge and fun - The First Blog

Well here is the first page of the Waterside Yorkie blog. Where we can post our thoughts, ideas and photos of anything Yorkie. We currently own four beautiful yorkies that range in age from 6 years to one and a half. Three girls and a boy, all related by blood.
Elsie's momma has our oldest dog, Zoe, for companionship and protection. Zoe is the great grandmother of our bloodline. We have two of her offspring, Shiloh and Patty. We then have Carly, who is the daughter of Patty. And the sister of Tucker, who our daughter owns. And last, but not least, we have little Tinkerbell. Who weighs about 3 pounds, and is all love.

We have numerous champions in our bloodlines, on both sides. We are not breeders, but do breed to keep our Yorkie bloodlines going.

Yorkies are indoor dogs, who don't like bad weather. Truely lap dogs, who will love you as much as you love them. They are good family dogs, but aren't toys for the kids to play with. Their size varies, as does their color.
So if you have anything on your mind please put a comment on our blog, or e-mail us at We would love to hear from you. We will answer back as soon as possible. So until then, you have a great day.



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