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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shiloh's Deep Thoughts on Puppyhood

Hello everyone my name is Shiloh and I am the "grand uncle" to the "Fab Five"...pictured here feeding again..they eat alot...I'm just glad they aren't into my food bowl...then we would have to talk...just eat at mommies snack bar...leave the big dog food it.As "uncle" to the pups I have to really be on my toes...I have to step up the security around the house..if it makes a noise I have to bark over and over..until the people respond to my wake them up for any reason...anytime.
And on top of everything on my dog plate..the grandchild had to come and visit..I love him but he is in the grab aching butt...he loves to pull my fur...but he is soooo cute...we will play catch someday...I look forward to that...but for now I will hide my ball from him..he likes to grab it but won't give it back.
So the puppies are doing fine...growing fatter..yapping alittle..mostly they sleep and eat.
They will be 2 weeks old tomorrow, boy they grow up so fast...soon I will have to show the boys how to pee, to sniff the right things, and all the other things a boy dog needs to know.
But until then sleep little ones...sleep...soon a whole new world will be at your beck and call.
They are cute...little bundles of love...just remember...leave "Uncle Shiloh's" stuff alone and we will all get along great...
Did I look so cute at this stage of life...oh I know I did..I just want my owners to tell me again...I do love attention...I think I look like Ozzie, no maybe Merlin, no maybe....well I looked like one of them I know.

I hope you do come back and see us...please check on the pups...they need attention like all of us..I have to go and try and find my ball...I hid it from Ryder and don't remember where I put it...maybe it's in the bedroom....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Fab Five - A Week Old

Well the puppies turned a week old last night...old ain't they? Carly has been the best momma you could ask for. She has been able to feed and care for her "Fab Five" pups like she had experience in such a large litter. Five little pups, hungry all the time, wandering around the box, crying when she steps out for a moment...non-stop...but she hops back into the box and feeds them, rounds them up and starts all over again. The pups seem to be developing right along. They are gaining weight and growing right along.
What could be more beautiful than a Yorkie pup sleeping...sleep little up for all the playing you have ahead of you. And boy do Yorkies love to play...with each other or by themselves...alot of energy in a little body.
We just wanted to you to know how the "Fab Five" was doing..and to let you see our babies.
Please click on the movie below and enjoy the wonderful world of a puppy...there always has to be a restless one...always on the move...sneaking around...looking for the right relax...
We hope you will come back and check on them..and to email us or drop us a comment..Thanks for stopping in and see ya later.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yorkie Pups Survive First Vet Visit

Well the puppies have had a long week so far. First, being born on Monday night, about 4 days early. Followed by their first visit to the have their tails shortened and dewclaws removed. Not great fun at all, but part of the standard for Yorkshire Terriers.Before they had to leave for the vet they were just relaxing with their mom...grabbing a little food and maybe a nap. Carefully Nana packs the pups into a carrier for their trip to the vet. We had put Carly into another room so she wouldn't be all spooked and crying about her pups.
We arrived at the vet and talked to the doctor about what we wanted done and how the pups were doing. We will have to take them back in a few weeks for shots. The vet did the procedure and we took the puppies back home to mommy. They cried a little but really seemed to take it all in stride.
So with newly stubby tails they settled down and took a nap after rejoining with their mom. Carly checked each pup out and fed them a little. You can see where their tails have been shortened to a nub.
The "Fabulous Five" then rested for the night and today spent most of it resting also. The only sounds were when Carly left the whelping box to eat or drink...but she quickly returned when they started to cry.
So sleep little ones and soon you will open your eyes to a new world. One that will be a lot more interesting now that you all are in it. Nana weighed the pups tonight and they have gained about two ounces each...still smaller than Tinkerbell was at the same time. Nana takes good notes with all our litters so we can analyze each litter and compare notes.
So the "Fab Five" have had a long week of life so week will be easier for them..all they have to do is eat, rest and cry...all three comes easy for puppies.
I will post more as they come..until then have a great Memorial Weekend and check back with us...thanks to the well wishes we have recieved from everyone who has emailed us. We hope to hear from you all...our email is we will answer each and every email as quickly as possible. Once again thanks for stopping by and please come back and check us out.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yorkie Puppies - The Fabulous Five

Well day 2 has come and the whelping box is empty no more. Now the sounds of little yelpers..crying when momma moves around, or goes for a break. Carly and the "Fabulous Five" are doing well. The puppies are eating as much as Carly can stand. And Carly is eating and seems to be recovering very well. She was a great momma dog to her first litter and we are sure she will do the same this time too. She spends most of the day in the box with her puppies. And when we take her out for a bathroom break she is eager to come back in and check on her pups.
Nothing in the world is more beautiful than a momma dog and her litter. And she will lay there until she needs to eat, drink or go...and then right back to the box she runs.
Well guess I'll go check on the puppies again, we find ourselves doing that alot. We can hardly wait until we can play with them..all five at our other 4 equals a Yorkie Fun Fest.
I will add more pictures as time allows..thanks for checking in and please come back and read us.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies..Let The Fun Begin

Well we thought Carly would deliver early..she did the last time. So we were hoping for some kind of early warning...she played it as cool as a cucumber. But with no signs of labor, no panting, we still got everything ready for delivery time.We got her whelping box ready, simple quarters for mom and her puppies. All cleaned and we wait.

The other dogs stood waiting patiently...well, all but Shiloh. As you can see below he gets involved in any delivery like he's the father...but he's the male of our herd of Yorkies.He stood there for the whole time of delivery...or laid down, with his nose through the gate..watching. He is a very loving dog, he takes his family seriously. Tough job, but someone has to do it.
So around 7:56 pm Carly started to pant, to dig her way to China. It's "Puppytime"...battlestations everyone.
At 8:45 pm the first puppy came into the world, a girl, weighing 4 ounces. We named her "Haley" for now. She is pictured above watching her brother, "Merlin", come into the world at 9:02 pm. Weighing in at 4 ounces also, he looks similar to his sister.
He was followed by "Flash", weighing in at 3.5 ounces, delivered at 9:19 pm. He will be a scrapper, being the littlest, he will learn to fight for a nipple fast. At 10:47 pm we delivered "Ozzy" into this world. Weighing in at about 4 ounces, he too is a handsome puppy. He has a white star on his chest...his tattoo.
And last came "Rowdy", in at 4 ounces also, he would finish the night in style at 11:18 pm. What a night...1 girl, 4 boys...Carly you outdid rest little momma.Nana will help your pups get started with feeding, and I will watch over you like Shiloh. We will help you keep them warm and healthy, while making sure you eat right and have everything you need too.
So the puppies came into this world a kicking and a screaming...the next generation of our dogs. We will take care of them until they are ready for adoption. We temporarily name them so we will be able to call them individually. Plus for us to keep records on each pup...a journal for each puppy.
So by midnight we were done, the puppies were feeding, mommy was resting, all was well.
I still stayed up with Carly, watching over her and the puppies...what's sleep anyway. And I wanted to comfort Carly, let her know that she did a great job, and that I was there for her.
She slept a little, she deserved what she could get.
But as soon as one of the puppies cried, we both sprang into action. She's lucky that we don't own a bigger pen...or I would have been sleeping in there too.
But around 3 am I decided she was ok, the puppies were ok and I needed to get some rest. I put the baby monitor near the pen and tried to sleep a little..but with each noise I awoke..waiting to see if everything was alright. And poor Nana had to go to work today...she will get a nap when she comes home...I'll see to that. She is a loving wife, and a kind, loving and knowledgeable Yorkie owner. It is beautiful to watch her anticipate the dogs moves and react to them before the dog even has a chance. She did a excellent job with Carly's puppies, and I was proud to assist her. I Love You Elsie.
So the puppies are resting, I just took Carly out for a bathroom break, and a little sunshine. But she was eager to get back to her pups. They need her to comfort them, feed them and teach them the ways of the world.
I will post more on the puppies as time allows. Our herd has grown from 4 to 9 in hours. We will find homes for them, teach the new owners the responsibility of owning a Yorkie. And be able to tell them the many benefits of owning the most beautiful dog in the world. It only takes a few minutes with one to realize the love you will get back when you have a Yorkie in your house, and in your heart...and with 9...Lord help us.
Wish us luck and drop us a line if you like, we can be reached at We love to hear from other Yorkie owners, we all have a bond of furry love.
Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog..maybe Carly will feel like writing in a few days..check back if you like.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Puppy Countdown...Let The Fun Begin

Well it's Saturday and the dogs are all starting to gather. Seems like they know when Carly's due too. She delivered early last time, so we are on "Official Puppy Watch". We will assemble the crate today, and get the whelping box ready too. Puppies are fun, but alot of work is involved when you breed your dogs.
Here's Shiloh and Tucker guarding Carly. She's been wandering around the house, restless as can be. She's starting to be in mommy mode.
The Queen of our herd, Granddog Patty, sits by Nana's legs..just keeping tabs on what's going on. She was a great helper to Carly when the last litter was born. Patty would bark when ever a puppy cried...and helped clean them too. She's been sleeping in the kitchen, where all the action will take place, she isn't going to miss a thing.
And Uncle Shiloh still squeezed in a game of fetch..he loves to chase a ball, a toy, anything that can be thrown. He gets so much attention, that he never gets jealous...he only gets excited if his ball or toy is missing....goes around the house until it's found.

And our daughter's dog, Tucker, is helping himself to our grandson's boppy pillow. He can't be bothered by all this fuss. He has to keep a eye on our grandson while his mommy and daddy are away for a vacation. Hey Tucker, make yourself right at home are Carly's could act a little excited.

So we made it to the weekend before the puppies come...we will try and keep everyone updated..Carly seems in the 3-4 puppy size, but I still feel like 5 puppies will be coming..whatever is safe for her. Wish us luck and we will write in the blog as soon as we get started...guess we will be sleeping in our track shoes, ready to run at a moments notice.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Puppy Pictures...No Wait.

Here's my wait...that's not a loaded the wrong pictures again, and they are upside down, come on man...wake up. This is serious stuff...I'm due next week...we don't have time to mess around...get it together.
This is "Baby Maty", not my puppies...wait...I haven't even delivered the puppies yet...there are no pictures yet...stop playing with my little mind ok?
These are the parents of those pictures...wrong blog Pawpaw...this is Waterside Yorkies...not Pawpaw's Wisdom...come on..where's you head..I know you got babies and puppies coming..but really, keep it real dog...I love that saying.Matt and Jordan aren't due til August...I'm due next week sometime...ouch..another kick to the ribs...ungrateful pups..kicking their mommy like that. And one of them has big paws too. He gets the small feeder, it will be payback time.

So I sit by the window and look for that stork...hope he gets here soon...I hate to wait, whether it's for dinner or to go outside, I have no patience. But I want my pups to be healthy, so I will wait as long as it takes. Boy do I look fat or what...I think I gained 4 pounds...all in my belly.
Aaah...that feels better..these guys are heavy. Think I'll just lay here on this rug and take a nap...a little rest will help me...ouch..another kick.
My mommy is watching me like a hawk...this is the look I get from her when I look at her..puzzled...eager...she loves puppies...she helped me when I had Tinkerbell during my last litter. Granddog Patty...Queen of the Yorkie herd and my mommy. She comes a running when those pups start to cry, she has a large heart and her motherly instincts kicks in, I hope it isn't that she thinks I can't be a good mom, I know what I'm doing.
And here's my brother, Tucker, he's staying with us while his people parents go on a trip...nice look Tucker...very hate to share the limelight don't ya. I guess since his niece drives him crazy, he really doesn't want more around. He's use to just him being the sole dog of the house..he's spoiled, but I love my brother.
So no big news yet...I will keep you all up to date as it goes along. Keep checking back and I will let you know, and if I can't I will get Pawpaw to write something. Wish me luck...sure is fun typing on Pawpaw's computer..maybe I'll write a book someday..anyway...bye for now...ouch...another kick.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Oprah's having chicken problems...who cares..I'm having puppies in 2 weeks...get your piorities in order...ok?

"So Oprah's was giving away chicken..oooh chicken that sounds good..and grilled chicken..better...she has problems ok..I get it...humans love things that are free...big deal...But I'm with puppies...due in 2 weeks ...oh I feel so fat....and those marshmellow puppies are kicking like their playing soccer inside me...I can't find that spot to lay that I keep looking for...maybe over here on this leopard bed...aah...that's nice....did you get any of that"." Hey...rub my belly Pawpaw...these puppies are kickin' a storm up. You know I think there's 3, no 4 in there....glad I go to vet today...good to have a check up....time to nap... ".

"Four puppies would ok..I can only feed so many you know...look at my belly...I only have so many feeders. Did you get my whelping box ready know I had my pups early last better get everything ready, you never know when it could start".

" And where's my daughter...Tinkerbell...she's suppose to be helping me...ungrateful puppy...I was in labor for minutes with her...hard minutes too...and how does she show her love...hiding in the bedroom, under the covers...ooooh...that sounds like a good how do I get up on the bed... ".
" mom wants what...oh she's just having puppy pains...she'll be leave me alone...soon puppies will be running all over this place...and as their big sister I'll be in charge of already said so".

"Go on..I need my know I'm still a growing dog myself...I'm not even 2 yet..still a I need my rest...maybe we'll play later leave the room, quietly please...".
So while Carly rests and Tinkerbell sleeps, we wait...Carly's getting bigger by the day...after she eats she's as firm as a watermelon. We are excited to see the puppies...little Yorkies are the cutest things you have ever seen. And if they turn out like Carly's first litter..they'll come early and quick
We will get the crate over the weekend, and the whelping box...all the medical things we will need to deliver Carly's we wait....I hate to wait, don't you...tick..tick..tick..time slowly goes by. Hey if you have any puppy stories please email us at it will give us something to read while we wait...and wait..and wait...boy some chicken would have been nice...overloaded the KFC resturants I heard...the 2 pictures of Oprah are from Best.Blogs..they have the funniest stuff...



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