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Thursday, July 29, 2010

We got our Yorkie a choke-free harness, doesn't your dog deserve one too.

(SINCE POSTING THIS ARTICLE K9 COUTURE CLOSED THE WEBSITE -EFFECTIVE 1/1/2011. We will miss Nicole and her wide variety of pet items we enjoyed getting from her. She has been very kind to us at "Waterside Yorkies", she even gave us our own discount code to pass onto our readers to help them save even more when they ordered..she will be deeply missed. We hope that 2011 will extra kind to you and your family.)

When we posted a few weeks ago we told everyone about the new harness we got for Tinkerbell. Yorkshire Terriers are known to be big pullers, they love to tug, twist and jerk. The new harness we got Tinkerbell has really made her settle down. Great results and great style too.
This post is about Shiloh and the new harness we got him. Now Shiloh didn't have a very big pulling problem, but we firmly believe that all Yorkies, no, all dogs should have a choke-free harness. And what male dog wouldn't want a "Black Flame Soft Dog Harness by Puppia".
It fits Shiloh like a glove...he has also wanted a biker vest...he thinks he's a lot tougher than his size allows. He runs up to bigger dogs like he's a trained attack dog...all 5 pounds of him...embarrassing and funny...we now keep him on his biker, secure and choke-free.

We really love that it has breathable mesh material that isn't hot on him. And is tailored to really fit him snuggly, but not be big and bulky on him. It's easy to put on him and comes off in seconds. And has a very nice clip on the top to hook your leash to.
As it rests on your dogs chest, the Black Flame Soft Dog Harness allows your dog to go where he wants to, but allows you to stop him if you don't want him to. All this and style too, what dog wouldn't want to be seen in one of these...just ask Shiloh.

K9 Couture Boutique has a wide variety of harnesses and a great customer service that will help you find that perfect fit. Just call them or email them and they will quickly respond to all of your questions. They really impressed us with such warm and friendly service.
So click on one of the pictures and go check them out, and remember that since you read about them on our blog, you get a 10% discount off every order. Just use the code "WS-Yorkie" when you check out and use it whenever you go back to their website and shop. And if your order is over $150, the shipping is free anywhere in the USA. We're sorry, but you can't use our discount code or get free shipping if you are a international customer. We suggest calling them to ask questions and to get help placing your order.

So as we go take Shiloh for another walk in his new harness we will leave you and hope that you will come back and visit again. And please go check out our friends at K9 Couture Boutique, just click a picture and go directly to their website. We hope you enjoyed our post about Shiloh and his new harness. We recommend them to everyone we talk to, and you will too once you buy one for your dog. Thanks again, and we hope you have a great day.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Yorkies have gone "Clean+Green". (Helping to save the world and our carpet)

When you have Yorkies, Westies, or any doggies, you have alot of extra things too. Pet stains go with pet ownership, you learn to live with that spot or spots. Eventually, you get to cleaning the spots, now you can also use a cleaner that is "Green" and non-toxic.
On their webpage they state that "Clean+Green" is the only eco-friendly aerosol pet odor remover and pet stain product on the planet. And that they offer a line of "Green" cleaning supplies to remove stains, eliminate odors and help with pet accidents.
We decided to help save our world and our carpet and give their products a try. Trying to be a environmentally freindly home is all of our responsibility, we owe it to ourselves, our kids and our pets.So we looked over their website and read all about what goes into their products, or should I say what doesn't go into their products. We were really impressed with the wide variety of products they offer. We decided to pick out a few for us to us and a few for our family and friends.
We picked out the Clean+Green - Auto Cleaner and the Clean+Green Carpet & Upholstery
Stain Remover for us to try and use. We have had Yorkies for almost 20 years, and with Yorkies comes a problem...bitty bladders. They try to be good dogs, hold it til they go out. But they will make a mistake every now and then.
The carpet below had a few spots that our Yorkies had left we could do without. We read the can, took aim and quickly was impressed with the results. It did a really great job and wasn't smelly, didn't leave any spots or fade the carpet.

Now we aren't a totally "Green" house, we hopefully will be taking more steps to help our world, our lives and our family, friends and pets. Living "Green" you have to learn what to use and what not to use. A life lesson that helps save our world and our health be less toxic.
We also got a few extra cans of Clean+Green to give to some of our family who had a skunk problem awhile back and had a mess to clean up. The other Clean+Green product is for a neighbor who helps out in a animal rescue organization and has used the product Clean+Green - Litter Box before. She said she really loved it and was thankful we had thought of her.
So please go check out Clean+Green's website by clicking any of the pictures of their products in this article, and look over all of the great products they have for helping us not only clean the world, but help save it too. We have tried their products and we recommend them, and so do the Yorkies. The spots are gone and the Yorkies can run around without being ashamed.
Thanks for taking time and reading about our newest product we have found to help raise our Yorkies. We hope you'll come back and visit again. Keep cool and have a great spot-free day.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yorkies, Harnesses and Great Customer Service...The Yorkies Took Us Shopping At K9 Couture Boutique

(SADLY SINCE POSTING THIS ARTICLE K9 COUTURE BOUTIQUE HAS CLOSED ITS' DOORS - EFFECTIVE JAN. 1st, 2011 - We would like to thank Nicole for everything she did for us and for giving us our own discount code to pass on to our readers. We will miss you Nicole and hope that 2011 will bring you great happiness.) The Yorkies needed some new harnesses....and since all of them pull like mules, it made alot of sense to buy each one their own, in their own size, color and style. So we went shopping there are 1,000's of websites that will sell you a leash, a collar and harnesses of every size and color. But we found a website that goes beyond just a storefront...we now have a new friend.
The website is called "K9 Couture Boutique" and when you go to their website: , you will meet the owner, Nicole. Now most websites have a customer service department, but Nicole not only answered every question we had, she goes beyond everything and strives to make sure you are happy. Unbelievable service that made our shopping experience a great one, and made us feel that she is a friend forever. Just click any picture and check out some of her many categories, we couldn't link them all, she has more products then we had pictures.

And when you go to her website you will read in her intro what her pledge is: "It is my mission to provide you exceptional customer service with your online shopping experience and superior quality products". Now if only all the other websites, stores and companies took her pledge, the world would be a better place for sure.
So after we got all of our answers, looked over her website, Nicole and I came up with 3 harnesses for our Yorkie herd. And since she gave us such great service I told her that I would tell you about each one and how our Yorkies liked their harnesses.
When you look up Yorkshire Terriers in any dog book you will be told of one of their biggest problems, Tracheal Collapse. This is usually caused by your Yorkie pulling like a mule, like ours, or their collars are too small, restricting their necks. It is a very serious problem that most small dogs have, but we recommend them to all dog owners. And they look so cute in them too.
The first harness we will tell you about is the New Ultra USA Non-Choking Step-In Dog Harness in Salmon Rose color and in extra-small size....Tinkerbell is our smallest Yorkie at 3 pounds but pulled like a mule...she has really settled down since we got her this harness. She's getting use to it and it's really nice not having her pull you all over the yard, Thanks Nicole, great suggestion and perfect fit.

It is really easy to use too, just slip it on the dogs front legs, wrap it around the body with the velcro flaps and snap it on the back of the dog with the heavy duty buckle. And with the 2 D-rings your leash will firmly hold your dog from pulling you, and hurting themselves.

Now, we tried to take some cute pictures of Tinkerbell wearing her harness, but she hates, hates the camera. How a dog so cute can be camera shy is beyond us. So we used the pictures from the website to show how it fits.

We tested it at the beach where she would have pulled us to the ocean's edge chasing birds, crabs or whatever else she saw. But not this time, we have a winner.....the little mule has been tamed...well, it might take a little longer, but we really love this harness on her.

We know she has learned not to pull so much when we put it on her. She is almost posing for this picture...we said almost.

And you can see the buckle part of the harness that makes a great handle to lift your dog when a larger animal or bird comes along. We could have used really tiny harnesses on our puppies last year. We had a litter of 4 and when a large hawk flew over...we grabbed the puppies the best way we could...2 people scrambling around trying to get the puppies up, and the 3 adult Yorkies, and as the hawk flew away and we went inside to safety.

So please stop by K9 Couture Boutique and check out the harnesses and all the other items they have to sell. Bring a friend and share the shipping costs, and if you spend over $150 you get Free shipping...everyone likes Free. And email Nicole at: and she will help you find whatever you need. And since you are reading this blog, and Nicole is our new friend, she has given us a 10% discount to give to our readers, just put WS-Yorkie in the promo code area (Discount not available anymore due to website closing).
We recommend the Choke Free Harnesses and hope you will buy one for each of your dogs. And they make a really nice gift to someone you know who is a dog lover too. A gift that shows your love for animals.

So we have Tinkerbell's story about her new harness coming to a end....we will tell about Shiloh and his black biker harness next. Please come back and check us out. We hope you will even link on and become a follower of our blog.
And please go to K9 Couture Boutique at and check out our new friend Nicole and her wonderful website, and make sure you tell her you found out about her website from our blog won't you. And remember to use our discount code "WS-Yorkie" and save 10% off your order (discount not available anymore due to the website closing for business). Thanks for stopping by, we hope you learned something and enjoyed reading about our Yorkies, and Tinkerbell's new harness.



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