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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Royal Pet Club's Organic Wipes Help Cleanup Our Yorkies Messes

When you have a pet or a herd of pets like we do, you also will have a mess or two occasionally. Finding something to help with these messes is a wonderful find. We found some wipes that are so wonderful that it's tempting to use them for our own messes. The scent of coconut and vanilla are so sweet smelling and the size of the wipe itself is unbelievable...but we have so far, just used them on the Yorkies.
What is this wonder product? It's Royal Pet Club's Coconut & Vanilla Organic Wipes.These refreshing, moisturizing wipes are enriched with the hydrating properties of 100% Organic Coconut, Vanilla and an exclusive mix of special soothing Organic ingredients chosen especially by our Italian laboratory to pamper your pet’s skin and coat.
We are Yorkie owner's and we have gotten use to what a Yorkie can get into. We have found a solution to this problem and welcome the challenge of keeping their fur, their eyes, their paws or whatever clean. The jar contains 40 very large wipes that you will be able to clean the mess you have and any other problems you might discover while grooming your dog.
I believe we could wash the next litter of puppies we have with a single wipe they're so big. We should probably get some of their Pure Paws Natural Wipes also, for the smaller wipe ups we have. But the smell of coconut & vanilla is so wonderful, it's a pleasure to clean the mess up. Now we don't look forward to all their messes, but we don't run away from them either.

So go check out Royal Pet Club's wipes, we recommend the coconut & vanilla, but they also have a lavender & cashmere and a papaya & aloe vera scents for those of you who want something else. They also have other grooming products, we got some shampoo, conditioner and a spritz, but we will tell you about them at a later date.
We know you'll enjoy these wipes, especially the size of them and in our case the scent. It's like being on a island in the tropics, as your wiping your dogs mess....ok, not really, but we can dream, it's our mess.
The Yorkies will smell like coconut & vanilla for days after being cleaned up by these wipes. It really has helped a major problem we had and also helped the Yorkies fur and skin. Our new problem is that our friends will want to "take one home to try". We need a supply of samples to pass out as they leave our house...some people give you a mint, we'll give you a doggie wipe.
Royal Pet Club has a testimorial page full of pet owners and groomers stories that you will be able to read and see what others think of their products. We hope you will take the time to go check them out and if you see something you like, use our discount code - WS-Yorkie and you'll get 10% off at checkout time. And re-use it whenever you reorder your next purchase from them. It's Royal Pet Club's way to help you discover and use some great products, and our way to help out our readers of our blog.
Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you'll come back and see us again soon. The Yorkies appreciate you taking time and reading about their lives and hope you'll link on and become a follower of our blog "Waterside Yorkies".
Now go check out Royal Pet Club's grooming products and remember to use our discount code when you checkout. You can just click the header above or go by following this link: . Enjoy shopping and have a great day.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bark Off Helps Control The Yorkie Yappers

When you see those infomercials for all those wonder products you feel a little curious sometimes. We saw the ad telling us that there was a miracle antibarking device out and that we needed it. Since we have "yappers", I mean Yorkies, we knew that excessive barking comes with the breed, terriers like to be verbal. They bark to protect us, bark to talk to us and bark to get our attention. And we can live with a little barking, we love our animals, and their little yappy ways. But if there was a product that could help eliminate some of that extra barking, we had to try and see for ourselves. So we looked over the reviews online, checked out the safety of the device, and went ahead and got one. Bark Off is a small and portable device that uses a high pitch sound to get the dogs attention. When the dog barks it emits this sound that only dogs can hear. We then added "NO BARK" to the sound of the Bark Off and the Yorkie herd got quiet, very, very quiet. This thing is suppose to work in a safe and humane way, to both us and the dogs. We thought about trying to test out a solid white piece of wood with our dogs...but just use the Bark Off with dead batteries...the sight of the thing quiets the technically it works...just not as automatic as the commercials show...if ya got it as a glad...if ya bought it...oh well, ya tried it and maybe you got better results then we did...maybe not.

Our Yorkies still bark a little, but we have the control to either allow it or turn on the Bark Off and tell them "NO BARK" and silence is ours to have. We don't leave it on all the time, since we do like to know that someone is outside our house, or let them bark at their friendly cat going by. But if the Yorkies don't stop barking after first announcing a strange noise, a cat or someone outside, we flip on the Bark Off and a little "NO BARK" and they settle down instantly. Now it might be all psychological, we might just want it to work so bad we think it's working. Anyway, something makes the dogs stop barking...maybe it's the shape of the device or maybe they can read what it says on it, "Bark Off" and they just stop barking because of that.

So now Shiloh has made peace with his new toy, well, our new toy. He will even lay down beside the Bark Off on his favorite Redskin blanket. The Yorkies have been trained to quiet down just by seeing the Bark Off come out. And if they don't stop barking within our set time limits, a flip of the switch, a little "NO BARK" and silence is ours again. We know it's a combination of the voice commands and them seeing the device, but hey if it works...we got something for our money. We just don't buy batteries for it anymore...just the sight of the device and our "NO BARK" works...but we would have had this outcome if we hadn't tried the Bark Off device.

So if you have a excessive barker you might want to give Bark Off a try. You might get better results then we did, hey it might even work like it's suppose to. Check them out at and see for yourself what Bark Off is all about. Good Luck!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Waterside Yorkies get some treats from Little Badness

We had to get some of these treats for the Yorkies...there's a picture of Gatsby, the CPO (Chief Pooch Officer) on the package...and he's a Yorkie; they have to be good. So we looked over Little Badness' All Natural Dog Treats' website, read all about what these treats were made of, read about Gatsby and how his owners developed these treats to help his sensitive stomach. Now came the hard part for us, try and choose which flavors our Yorkies would like to try. So we did what any reasonable pet owner would do, get them all.So when the box arrived our Yorkies helped us unpack the treats. How they knew the box was for them we don't know, maybe they smelled the treats inside. We made them line them up so we could see what we got and let them choose which ones they wanted to try first. Again they picked all 5, but we held our ground this time and only picked 2.

First round of Little Badness treats would be the Blueberry Anti-Oxidant treats, with pieces of blueberries in each treat. Blueberries are known to be a good source to help boost the immune system, help fight diseases, and even help inhibit mechanisms of cancer cell development. Blueberries even help heart disease and have been used to fight memory loss. As they say on their website, "good things do come in small packages".
Our second choice to get the Yorkies started in treatland was the Smoked Salmon treats. Now if Carly eats these they must be good.....ok...where did that treat go? Carly come back here....wait...she's eating she ate's gone. Who would think that Carly, our queen of finicky eating, would gobble it down, that whole big treat....that whole big SALMON treat. It must be beyond good, it must be great. So we broke up the next one and gave it to Shiloh and Tinkerbell, "Miss Piggyhog" Carly already had her share, plus some. The other Yorkies gobbled it down and came up for more. But they will have to wait til another day, too much of a good thing would spoil these dogs and we couldn't have that, could we?
The Salmon treats are high in essential omega-3 fatty acids which will help your dogs' coat, skin and joints. And they don't smell fishy either. They smell like home-baked cookies from your mom's house, wholesome, fresh and tasty and despite what Carly says, these cookies should be broken up and divided between the Yorkies for portion control...understand Carly...portion control.

Oh great, now Shiloh's begging for more...come on dogs give me a break....I know you love these things..but you can't have more right now. Maybe if you clean up your toys and pick up around your dog bowl we'll give you a little more later. No Tinkerbell you can't operate the vacuum, you're smaller than the hose nozzle and might suck yourself into the vacuum....just keep sweeping with that broom you got. Who knew that all it would take is a little bribery to get the Yorkies to help around the house.

But then again, just look at these Little Badness All-Natural Dog Treats and you'll see why the Yorkies are busy cleaning up the house and hoping for another treat. They even recognize the package of treats when we move them, and can even hear when we open the re-sealable zip lock bag they come in. But we really won't have to worry about trying to keep these treats fresh, they won't last long enough to go stale.
So remember to go check out and look over all of their treats. All made with 100% natural U.S.A. grade ingredients. Free of preservatives, chemical additives, animal by-products and genetically modified organisms. In other words healthy treats to help your dogs health and well being. You can also find them on twitter and on facebook under Little Badness.
And make sure you share your knowledge of these treats with your friends, maybe place an order together. Your friends will love you, your dogs will love you and your friends' dogs will love can't lose. And when you place your order tell them you read about their treats on our blog "Waterside Yorkies". And please come back and see us again real soon. We appreciate you taking the time to come visit us and read about our Yorkies. Until next time, we hope you have a safe and happy day.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

No More Car Sickness Since We Found "Calming Collars" For Our Yorkie.

When you have to travel and one of your dogs doesn't like to go anywhere in a car it becomes a situation that starts your day off on the wrong foot. So when we found the "Calming Collars" website that stated that they had a collar that not only worked, but worked "naturally", so we had to see for ourselves. Click on the "Calming Collars" header we used up above and check them out for yourself. And since your one of our readers of "Waterside Yorkies" they'll give you 10% off your order if you use our special code when you place your order. Just use the code: ws-yorkie and 10% will be taken off your order. Use it everytime you order and tell your friends about it too. I'm sure you know someone who has a pet that needs a little calming down.
We have had Yorkies for many years and Shiloh is the only one we have ever had that goes "green" when he gets in a car. Short or long car rides doesn't make a difference, he hates cars, the motion in the car, and the passing scenery out the window....everytime he turns "green". So we thought we would give their "Good To Go Calming Collar" a try.

They come in a variety of colors so you will be able to find that perfect design to match your pets personality. We chose the one above and waited patiently until it arrived. In the example below you will notice that is comes with a 2 channel width, but since we have Yorkies we got the single channel width. They also have a 4 channel width for bigger dogs. Shiloh didn't need to be covered up with the collar, only cured with it, so we got the single channel one.

And in the picture below you will see that it blended in with his fur and wasn't bulky at all. You really couldn't see it unless you dug around his neck looking for it. We didn't want to embarrass him on top of everything else.

The collar comes with a adjustable snap-0n clip that makes it really easy to use. You can make it fit just right for you pet so they won't even notice that it's on them.
But just how does this collar work? And is it safe for our dog to wear, what if he knocks it off and the other dogs tear it up?

It uses aromatherapy, the scent of the different herbs used calms the animal down. On their website they state that they have a better than 95% success rate. Pretty impressive we thought, so we let Shiloh give it a try. And if by some chance he gets it off his neck the herbs inside aren't harmful if ingested. This is good to know, especially if you own Yorkies...they love to tear things up...must be the terrier in them.
Shiloh seem to be doing better as we were putting it on him. Maybe he knew it was going to make his life a lot better and make our lives better too. No more turning "green", panting like a wild dog, pacing back and forth on the car seats.
Soon he laid down and stopped panting. He slowly began to just rest calmly in our laps, peaceful and comfortable. Shiloh rode the whole trip without being sick, we will test it again in the weeks to come. We may have solved the motion sickness problem we had with our Yorkie.
We read on the website that if you don't leave it on the dog all the time, you could put it back in the plastic bag and it will keep almost a year before it loses its effectiveness.
So if you have a dog or a cat that suffers from motion sickness we recommend you give "Calming Collars" a try. And soon you will be able to travel carefree without cat stress or dog anxiety.
The only problem now is we have to hide the car keys or Shiloh might take one of the cars on a true joy ride.

We got another collar for thunderphobia (fear of thunderstorms) and will be telling our results in a upcoming posting on our blog. Please check back and see how we did with the "Calm Me Down Calming Collar". If it works as well as the "Good To Go" collar did, we will be very happy pet owners.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Precious Yorkie Gets Some New Jewelry From "Big Paw Designs"

We were looking to add a little something nice to our Tinkerbell's harness. She looked a little plain since the other Yorkies had charms and tags on their collars and harnesses. So we decided to check out the unique selection of collar charms, jewelery, key chains, pet stickers and pet lover jewelery at "Big Paw Designs".
Tinkerbell is our 3 pound Yorkshire Terrier who is also 3 years old, but acts like she's still a puppy. Most people think she is a puppy since she is so small and precious...hey...that's it. We'll get her a charm that says "Precious" on it, perfect we think.After all, just look at her...she is a "Precious" little Yorkie, don't you think? And the charm looks so good on her harness...a little bling for a little dog.

"Big Paw Designs" unique pewter collar charms are made in the USA with fine, lead free pewter to match your dogs personality. They have a wide variety of charms to choose from to help you find that perfect piece of jewelry for your pet and for yourself. Have fun looking over all of the choices they have.

And since we love our Yorkies...why not throw in a cute sticker also. After all, we do love our Yorkies and have no problem telling the world we do.
So please take time and check out "Big Paw Designs" and see all of their great stuff they have for the true pet lover. They even have a section just for 'SALE' who can refuse a good sale. And tell your friends about the website also, they deserve to have nice things for their pets too.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what we got our Tinkerbell. We hope you'll come back and see us again. Link on and become a "follower" and you'll have a easy access to our Yorkie fun and a link to some great shopping too. And to make it easy to find "Big Paw Designs " just click any picture and go directly to their website to begin your shopping fun.



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