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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yorkie Fab Five Turns 6 Weeks Old

The Fab Five Yorkie puppies turned 6 weeks old on Monday. Those little bundles of fur below have started to become the Yorkie Royalty they think they are. This is Rowdy, our littliest Yorkie, who is able to keep up with the rest of the puppies and more. He fears no one and loves everyone. Ozzy is the lap dog that everyone wants...I have worked with him and turned him into Shiloh's twin, his uncle. He loves to be petted and will lay in your lap forever. He'll be someones furbaby for sure. Now this is Merlin, the true wizard, who wags his tail at a hundred miles a hour. He will be a happy dog for sure. Loves to play and play, seems not to tire at any rate. He is second smallest, but is a giant with small paws.

Our lone lady is Haley, who will melt your heart with her furry little face. She loves to lay in your lap and stands up to her brothers. She will be a protector of the house, while loving everyone in it at the same time.

Finally, is the fun heart Flash, the largest of the 5, but that means he weighs more than 1 and a half pounds, a very small weight. He'll be ideal in a family with other dogs or older children. Someone to play with, and not tire out, he loves to play.
So today we took them to the vet for their 6 week checkup....shots, drops and scales. They did very well, considering that they are only 6 weeks old and weigh so little. We gave them benadryl so they should take a nap and rest. The vet said they looked great, and checked them all out from top to bottom.
So they survived the terrrible vet visit, a part of their young life that can cause trauma and turmoil. They aren't due back til week 10 to the vet, hopefully with their new families.
We will have to let them go soon, a time both Nana and I don't look forward to. But we also realize that they will hopefully come visit us, and with the net, we'll get to see them grow up.
They are a joy to be with right now in a world that needs some happiness in it.
Please check back and we'll put some more pictures on our blog, along with updates on their lives. Thanks for checking on our puppies and we'll see ya soon.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What a Yorkie can do for you

Well, as Jon and Kate seperate, the world for the puppies is just beginning. They'll have ups and downs and life may not always be bright, but to a Yorkie life is a new beginning each day. They can make the worst day in the world seem better by just a little lick and a loving look. Soon they will not need their momma anymore and be looking for their owners. The people who will love and protect them for the rest of their lives. A job some take lightly, but really requires a special person.Anyone can buy a dog, it takes a special person to buy a Yorkie. Someone who doesn't mind the love and affection that they will recieve daily. The sad faces, the happy faces that each day brings. Oh, it's not always so bad..some days your Yorkie will sit with you, in your lap and only require a occasional petting or two.
Yorkies are the loyal dogs they think they are. Notice the puppy taking a break in the bigger Yorkies bed. They know no size, they think they are bigger than they are.

So if you are looking for a puppy, remember we only have 5...beautiful, playful and seeking love puppies. Four boys and a girl, who will fill your day with all the love you can handle. We are located near Charlotte, NC and you can email us at (no "s" on yorkie) and we will tell you how you can purchase your furbaby, answer your questions or send you some more pictures. We don't ship our dogs, sorry, if you want one of our puppies you'll have to travel. Hope to hear from ya and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day -- 2009

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out's my dad with his favorite lap buddy..Shiloh. Pop, my dad, would rub that dog into a knot. Pop and Shiloh would sit together from the moment Pop came into the house, until he left. I miss that, I miss my Pop...but I have memories that fill my heart with joy.This year we have the blessings of 5 puppies into our life...below is their daddy, Dozer. He is a little fella, but did his job quite well, the result is our 5 puppies.

So the "Fab Five" send a shoutout to their dad..Happy Father's Day Dozer.
The "Fab Five" are doing well, they will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. This is a very special Father's Day, as Pawpaw I am a grandfather for the first time, a father to 3 children and a grandparent to 5 puppies...a special Father's Day indeed. And Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there..enjoy your day.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Carly Cupcake...Supermom

Carly loves to sit and watch her babies...notice the little one in the cave...they love that silly thing...we originally got it for Tinkerbell..but now it's being used by the puppies as well. Nothing could be finer than to sleep in a bunch in Carolina in the morning...

Hello world....I'm new at this blogging stuff...but I sure am you see me...I don't see you...this is my brother..we hang out together.

Carly spends most of her day herding the puppies into some organized area...she has done very well in keeping the puppies from going too far from her. Below she is herding them into a dog bed for their nap..good luck Carly.

But she makes it and they go down...they get some rest and then back up to go strong again. They are 4 and a half weeks old now, eating well and yapping ...still needing their momma to watch over them...a job Carly does so well. Thanks for stopping by and please come back.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Yorkies Gone Amuck, No Not Really

The puppies are 4 weeks old today...Happy Birthday "Fab Five". We didn't give them a cake, but they did get some Mighty Dog.
They also got to go to the vet and get their deworming medicine...what a gift. They took it in stride and all went well.
When they got back to the house they played alittle and ran around alot. They try and play with the toys we gave them, but they still don't have it quite down yet.
The puppies do like to go exploring...especially in what we call Tinkerbells cave. It's really a cat cave, but don't tell the dogs ok.
Five puppies in different directions equals a fun time. It is so much fun watching them discover the new world before them.
But even the new world isn't as much fun as this cave...they climbed in and out of it, over and over. Sometimes one at a time, sometimes a bunch of them would go in it.
So the puppies survived their visit to the vet and are doing very well. All of them are smaller than Tinkerbell was at the same time in development, not by much but smaller. Except Rowdy...the wild man...he loves to run around and strut his stuff..he's still under a pound. He'll be a little fella..but Shiloh was little and we all know how lovable he is. Carly is doing great also and people are showing interest in buying a puppy. Tough time to sell puppies, but these aren't normal puppies are they? We will find great homes for them, it will take time, but for the "Fab Five" we only want the best. If you know anyone who is looking for a Yorkie let us know at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please come back and check on them and thanks for stopping by.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Yorkie Pups Discover Mighty Dog...Their First Solid Food

Well it was time to introduce the puppies to solid food...and what a funfest it was. One can of Mighty Dog and 5 puppies equals total mayhem. But boy did they fun. It took us a little while to clean them up after the pigs hit the troff. Carly tried to teach them to eat but they were too excited to listen.
The "Fab Five" really enjoyed themselves to their first taste of dog food....hmmmmm meaty. They quickly learned how to eat this new substance...solid food.The Yorkie herd watched from the foyer....they really wanted to jump the gate, but behaved themselves. Notice Tinkerbell in the middle, standing up to get the best view.
Haley kept up with her brothers...tough being the only girl...the boys try and push her around..but she can hold her own. She jumping into the plate and guarded it like it was gold. She will be a princess she's just one of the boys. The plate feeding was taught to us by a champion breeder we know...always works...messy...but it gets them eating solid food and loving it. So solid food has been introduced to the puppies and they loved it. Questions? Just email them to us and we will answer them asap...with 9 dogs we can only respond so quickly.
Now we have 9 Yorkies on solid food...does Mighty Dog come in 5 gallon pails...maybe I'll check Cosco. The "Fab Five" will be 4 weeks old on Monday...we'll weight them again and I will post new updates. Thanks for stopping by and please come back and check on the pups.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yorkie Puppies For Sale In North Carolina...Soon Going To A New Home Near You...Maybe Yours?

Well, I guess it's time to introduce the "Fab Five"...they recently celebrated their 2 week birthday on Monday. They are all doing great and Carly is still taking good care of them. She is melting back down to her 4-5 pound weight..chasing puppies is a tough job. They will soon be developing into their own individual stuff to watch and record.
We will enjoy them while we have them...until we find great people and great homes for each of our "fur babies". Taking care of a Yorkshire Terrier isn't easy..they are demanding of time and effort...but in the end you have a beautiful dog that loves you to death.First of the "Fab Five" is our little girl, and only girl...Haley. She weighs in at 10 ounces and will be a beautiful Yorkie like her mommy. She came out first, making her brothers follow in her footsteps...she will be a leader for sure.
Well, I guess it's time to introduce the "Fab Five" boys...they are strong in numbers, small in size. Starting off is Rowdy, he is the littlest of the 5 but seems to be keeping up with the rest of the gang. Even though he is only 8 ounces he is steadily gaining weight as quick as the others..he just started at a small scale. He is quick, won't stay still long enough to take a clear picture.
Then there's Ozzy...who is the first to open their eyes...he was born with a white star on his has gone away but he still is a star to us. He weights in at 11 ounces, the biggest of the 5. He still is small compared to Tinkerbells weight at the same time, and she's only 3.5 pounds now at almost 2 years of age.
Merlin is next at 10.5 ounces, the middle pup, who will be a magical Yorkie for sure. He has powers that will melt your heart. He too is a mover, wouldn't pose for the camera at all.
The last boy is Flash, who at 10 ounces was named for his flash of white on his chest. His eyes will be opening soon...he's almost peeping now.
So that's the "Fab Five", soon they will be exploring the new world awaiting them. Soon we will be chasing 5 puppies going in 5 directions. But we won't mind, we love our Yorkies and will take great care of them until we find homes for each one. A process we take very serious, for Carly's babies are ours too. We want only the best for them, and will take whatever time it takes to find the most loving and safest homes.
We have begun to advertise them, and have a few people interested..but so far, no deposits holding their puppy. We won't let them go until late July, we believe they need to be with their mommy and family until then. More time for us to enjoy them too.
Anyone interested can email us at and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. We are located just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina and don't ship our puppies. We don't want our puppies spread all over the world..and we would like to be able to see them again. They are family to us, and our other dogs.
Until next time, thank you for stopping by and please come back and check on the pups.
We will post as often as we can...letting you watch them grow up.



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