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Friday, November 27, 2009

Something new from K-9 Cuisine - Premium Dog Food .

We decided to let the Yorkies have another new food we got from their favorite website, K-9 Cuisine. A holistic pet product called NutriLife -All Gold dog food.
It contains sweet potatoes and cranberries, and is made with real duck, turkey, lamb, chicken meal and fish meal. It is good for all stages of a dogs life and contains chicken cartilage rich in natural glucosamine.
We put out a little and the Yorkies came running to the bag. Our smallest Yorkie beat the other two to the bag and jumped right on in, she's the smallest, but is our biggest chowhound.Soon all three were knocking heads, trying to get each other's food. 5 pounds of dog food in front of them and they still act like it's about to run out. We like to give our dogs only the best quality of dog foods and have found K-9 Cuisine to have just what the dogs like. We invite you to stop by K-9 Cuisine's website and check them out...just click on their link on the left and you will go right to their site. And remember to use my discount code "WS-Yorkie" and get 10% off your order, just put it in the discount code area. Between that and the free shipping when your order is over $50, you will save a bunch of money and your dogs will love you even more. We have had alot of great feedback from our blogging about the different foods, and people have used our discount code also...our gift to you for following our blog. They have a ton of stuff to look at, and even send out samples with your orders. A great way to try something new before you order it the next time.
Thanks for stopping by and we hope you will become one of our followers by linking on with the link on the left. Email us any questions and we hope you had a great Thanksgiving...the Yorkies had Duck for their feast. Please remember your furry friends will be looking under the tree this year for a little something...hint, hint...give K-9 Cuisine a try and have a great day.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Smiles from a Yorkie Photo

It's that time of year again...time to be thankful of the things that mean the most to your life. Time to gather with family, with friends and reminisce about the past year. And what a year it has been.Can the ignorant stranger qualify the crown? Who knows, but questions like this will be what you will be asked...silly questions, hard questions and very nosy questions. All good topics to get the arguments going for sure. Try this year to only ask easy questions...nice topics..not about finding a those for private discussions later. Let this time be of happy topics...we all like happy don't we?
So let me be the first to say what I am happy about this year. Of course my 2 grandkids...that's a gimme. I love those kids and they make me a very happy Pawpaw.
And I am happy and thankful for my family...that too is a gimme. What I am also thankful is that we found 5 beautiful homes for our Yorkie puppies. With the economy in the tank, and puppymills popping out cheap dogs we struggled to find homes that we felt suitable for our puppies. After going through a ton of emails and phone calls we found 5 families that met and exceeded our requirements. Why be thankful...if you were a breeder you would understand. When you give birth to puppies they become part of your family..your responsibility. You are in charge of finding and providing them safe, loving homes.
We love all of our dogs, and once they leave us, they are still part of our family. We've been lucky to be able to get emails and photos of our puppies. And we wanted to shave some to uplift your spirits and make you smile. We all can use a smile too.

When you open a email or get a photo and see your puppy older, bigger and loved, you smile. You think about the birth, the many hours spent taking care of them, loving on them, playing with them. Then you find homes for them and they leave...sometimes forever..never seeing them again.
But we are lucky to be able to see our puppies, or get photos, or emails letting us know how they are doing. More smiles and thankfulness, to be relieved that your puppies are safe and loved.
We won't name these dogs or tell ya where they live...we will tell you they are loved, they are safe and they are happy...just look at their faces and you can tell that. For that we are thankful.

Being a small breeder means you have great responsibilities for bringing happiness to families that are looking for a little furry love. To match your puppy with their needs. We had over 600 emails asking about our puppies and took about a 100 phone calls from our ads. Time, lots of time, spent asking questions, finding out about what kind of person is seeking your puppy.

So being thankful about these puppies is very appropriate for Thanksgiving..afterall they are part of our family, and always will be. Our kids know we love them, our families know we love them too. But this is a Yorkie blog, a place to learn and laugh, smile and cry, and tell our love for our Yorkies. So "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" to all, and remember to smile, be thankful and spread a little love this holiday season.
Times have been hard this past uplift someone's spirits and help them smile. Show them a picture of a Yorkie puppy...that always works for us...but we're Yorkie lovers....just look at that face....(: ...go ahead, your face won't's contagious...soon others will be smiling with you. It might even spread like the flu...everyone might be smiling around you..and for that you should be "thankful". Love yourself, love your family and love your pets. HAPPY THANKSGIVING Everyone....I hope your's is as special as our's is.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our Grandson Turns "1" Today

A year ago today our lives changed forever....I became a Pawpaw, my wife a Nana. On this day a year ago our grandson was born.
He has changed us for the better we think....he's taught us to be more patient, more loving and to have more fun. He has also taught the Yorkies to be faster, more careful and more loving. They love when he comes to visit..and when he cries, they come a see what is wrong and how they can help him.

He turns one year old today..time has really gone by fast...seems like his parents just brought him he's walking, talking....wild.

Shiloh has been waiting for him to grow up a little more so they can play catch...I'm sure those two will have lots of fun ahead.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYDER...from the Yorkies, from Nana and of course from your Pawpaw. May all your days be as joyous as you have made ours. Just don't grow up too fast...let us enjoy each and every minute we have with you. I Love You "Little Man"...enjoy your day.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shiloh asks for a new treat and gets even more...a little bit of heaven from K-9 Cuisine

"Well the humans had a good start to their day...they went to a bunch of yard sales...and didn't bring us back a toys, no beds...just a bunch of junk...oh, sorry...treasures"!!! "So I decided to give my daddy the poor, poor pitiful always works...he's a easy him wrapped around my paw". "'s working, he's getting some of that new stuff...that's the big brown box....yeap we've tried that one...wait...we haven't tried that one..yummo as Rachael Ray says".
"Guess it will be rude for me to talk with my mouth full so I will let daddy take over and tell ya about the....he's opening it up....about the food...and he's got a second box too...bye".
Shiloh seemed like he wanted me to try one of the new foods we got from the Yorkies favorite site, K-9 Cuisine - Premium Dog Food .
So I got a box of 'Itty Bitty Buddy Biscuits' the roasted chicken flavor...Carly helped with the box. And Shiloh helped count them out, and oversaw the rationing of them also.Buddy Biscuits are great for rewarding our Yorkies after they do a trick, or just for being themselves. Tinkerbell begs as Nana feeds her a reward. She hates to have her photo taken..but for a biscuit...anything goes. Her mom is right behind her in tricks...silly thing danced around in a circle...must be magic in those little biscuits.
Our dogs are so polite..they have never bitten a finger and will wait til they are given a treat..they don't act like wild beasts...well, wild Yorkies at least.
Since we were being generous to the Yorkies, we decided to try one of the new foods also. So we loaded up their bowl with "Addiction - Le Lamb", a dry food that smelled great.
This will help the many people who have emailed me following my blog a little more information about the new food we are trying out. We have had quite a few emails from all over, asking questions and it's really been a treat for us to see how many people are following our blog. Hopefully they will join it also, but all in all, as long as someone's reading this...we feel fulfilled. But you can link on and follow me too...just click the box on the left...and be a permanent can even put your picture or your dogs picture...and if you have a blog, let me know and we will link up with yours.
Sorry, got on a run didn't here's the new food for the Yorkies...small little bits of wholesome good. Carly was first in line to read the package and make sure it was up to her me Carly..we did our's all good.
The Yorkies are enjoying their new food and later we might try a new trick or two with the Buddy Bits too.
So after a good day for us humans...the dogs seemed to have had a better day. A new food and a new treat...hope they don't think we are buttering them up to go to the vet or something...they'll be acting weird the rest of the day.
Hope your weekend is going well...stop back in again and check us out...and it you find time check out the Yorkies favorite site, K-9 Cuisine - Premium Dog Food . We'll post again real soon and thanks again.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tropical storm Ida hits the Carolina's, time to try some K-9 Cuisine

So what do you do on a rainy day with 3 Yorkies, who hate going out in bad wheather. Tropical Storm Ida arrived to the Carolina's with no regard to our Yorkies. High winds, heavy rain and lots of flooding hit our area today causing major problems. The picture below is of a local soccer field...anyone up for a swim. Makes me wish for spring already...if this had been snow we would be sledding with the dogs right now...they hate rain...they love sledding...well, we do..they come for the ride.So we decided to try out some more of the dog food we got from the Yorkies favorite site, K-9 Cuisine - Premium Dog Food . First, we tried the "GO! - Natural - Duck Formula" dog food. It's formulated for optimum nutrition through all life stages.
The Yorkies seemed very interested in the rattling of the bag. They came a running to see what new item they were getting. It's easy to get them to come, it's hard to get them to like it. Yorkies are very picky animals, so this would be a good test. We knew they would eat it, but would they continue to eat it after that first bite.
They kept coming back for more, and more..we had to put the bag up or they would have eaten it all on the first day. We put a little in with their regular food and let them have fun.
Later that day we were still home bound by the rain so we gave the Yorkies a second treat of the day, "Fruitables - Pumpkin and Banana Mix - Dog Treats".
Carly was eager to give it a try and was about to open the bag herself. I stepped in and gave her a little help, after all she didn't have thumbs, so opening a bag would be a challenge. As I opened the bag the other Yorkies came running. It might be the aroma of cinnamon, vanilla and the different fruits...smelled like a warm banana muffin on a cold rainy day.Carly was first in line and still seemed hungry even after eating all that duck dog food earlier. They had a great day trying out their new food and we enjoyed spoiling the dogs. But we are Yorkie owners, that's our job in life, isn't it? Hope you visit K-9 Cuisine - Premium Dog Food and check out their site.
Take it from Carly, the food is excellent and Yorkie approved. It's a great site to look at on a rainy day. If you have questions just email me at and I will answer you as soon as I can. And let them know you read about them on my site if you would...we want them to know we appreciate them and have been blogging about their great website. They have given me a 10% discount code to give to my followers....just enter "WS Yorkie" in the discount code area of your order. Have fun looking and remember our animals deserve the you can get it.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Yorkies are on baby watch.

The Yorkies were eager to see Maddy come for a visit...they love that little girl, not as much as Pawpaw and Nana do, but quite a bit. They come a running when she gets here...sniffing, trying to lick, complete fools. Shiloh supervised as we set up the swing and bouncer for Maddy. As the lone male dog of the house he is always on guard, protecting us from evil. And at about 5 pounds would put a hurt to someone's ankles if he was provoked. So Maddy is safe tonight for sure...we all are...Shiloh is on duty.
Tinkerbell takes a more low key to babysitting...she rests a little, plays a little, then rests some more. She thinks Maddy is a sister we believe and wants to be near her at all times...except when she needs a quick nap to recharge her Yorkie engine.
But after a good nap, she climbs the couch to watch over the little angel who is playing with Pawpaw on the floor...watching each movement, every little thing. She too is a vicious animal...can't you tell.
So the little angel who came to visit, is a very protected and loved baby. Maddy will always have someone or some Yorkie to play with, lay with or chase around the house. But she too has to rest every now and then and recharge her little motor too.
So the Yorkies and us had a great weekend...babysitting and playing...tough stuff for sure....we are very blessed. We have 3 Yorkies who love us to death, and love our 2 grandkids also. Not a normal thing for Yorkies to love little hands and babies. But for some reason we have never had any problems...both the animals and the babies have worked out who does what and when. Maybe we just have smart Yorkies, we think they are anyway...after all we did breed, and raise them. We have had the same bloodline for over 16 years, and love them dearly.
So Maddy will be going back home and the Yorkies will only have each other to entertain each other...back to normal around the Waterside Yorkies house.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

K-9 Cuisine...Christmas for the Yorkies has come early

I had the FedEx tracking code that they had given me so I was able to track where the box was at all times...Shiloh, Carly and Tinkerbell were eager to get their new treats and food. As their owners we were excited too. And everyone knows that Yorkies are one of the most picky dog breeds around.
We had placed the order on Sunday night..gone to their site and found heaven for any dog owner. Multiple lines of dog food and treats that have a very detailed description of ingredients, feeding instructions and nutrition facts. The hardest part was trying to decide what we wanted to get for the Yorkies. After looking over their site...a true enjoyment for any pet owner..we decided on a wide variety of dog treats and dog foods. We decided that we would share our experience with you. We will give you our review and our dogs review on each item. We sent over the order Sunday night and today we received a large box of goodies for our Yorkies...nice turn around and free shipping on that equals less burden on us.
First up was a treat we got for Shiloh...our senior Yorkie, who at 6 years of age is starting to act as if his joints are stiff at times. Overly active dogs usually get a little arthritis in their legs and joints, so he was eager as we were to try it out.
Zukes HipAction came in beef formula and had glucosamine added to support and maintain joint function. It has 300 mg of glucosamine and 50 mg of chondroitin in each treat and was just the right size for Shiloh to try.

We will now let Shiloh tell you in his own words...."Your kidding..that giant treat is mine..all mine...give me, give me...come smells so good". And with that he ate it like we had been starving him for days. He took it and ran under the table, a normal thing for Shiloh, to eat it without having to share it with the other dogs.
If the other items we got from K-9 Cuisine are as great as the HipAction treats, we will be the most loved Yorkie owners in America, or at least North Carolina.
K-9 Cuisine takes the hard part of going to the pet store lugging large bags of food home. With most online site you have shipping, handling, K-9 Cuisine shipping is free with all orders over $50...we can spend that on treats alone at the pets stores..after all we have 3 Yorkies at home, and 2 more in the family. So treats are expected at our house from everyone with 4 legs.
We look forward to trying the other items and letting you know how they are either liked or disliked. Yorkies are great test marketers of dog treats, food, toys, etc...
Thanks for stopping by and go try K-9 Cuisine - Premium Dog Food" and remember Christmas is coming...even our 4 legged friends deserve something under the tree...and in their bellies too. If you are like us, finding a company that you can rely on is a treat for us, I believe we are going to enjoy K-9 Cuisine as much as the Yorkies are.
We also have noticed a lot of new followers from all over the globe. Please leave a comment telling us about yourselves or email us at . We would like to hear what you think of our blog, ask us questions, or suggest a topic..we hope you will come back and check us out. You can link onto us, or become one of our followers...and if you are a blogger leave us a link and we'll check your blog out too. Thanks for stopping by and we'll see ya soon.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Welcome to - Organic Dog Food & Dog Treats

We will be testing some products that K-9 Cuisine carries on their website in the next few months. Please make sure to come back and check out what we are trying and how our herd of Yorkies are enjoying them. We will be honest, and frank about each product and will give you both the pets and the owners opinion on each product. We look forward to trying K-9 Cuisine and hope you will enjoy the many entries that the Yorkies and I will be posting. Please check out their website and the many products they carry...go to and get some free samples . We were quite impressed with the wide variety of products and their costs...and they send out your order for free if it's over $50...and they state that they shipout on the sameday of placing your order. That alone is reason to give them a try. We welcome your questions and us at and we will answer your questions. We are not affiliated with K-9 Cuisine, but are owners of Yorkies who are in need of a good dog food supplier.



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